Anusia Cafe is a vegetarian cafe (with vegan options) that is committed to offering tasty, meat free meals made from mostly ORGANIC ingredients. We would love to see more people going meat-free for one or two days a week or even more; it makes sense on so many levels.

We have our own vegetable garden just outside Tring that provides our kitchen with salad leaves, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit, which means less food miles. All fruit and veg that we do not grow comes from two dedicated organic wholesalers, so you can be rest assured that our food and drink is all virtually organic. All milk and dairy products are organic from British farms and we use rapeseed oil from Meads Farm in nearby Wilstone.


Anusia Cafe has a FAMILY ROOM on the first floor which is also

available for private parties, community events and meetings for up to 20 people.

For futher information on prices and timings call us on 01442 823993

or email:

The party room is also used as the play room for small children and their parents on a regular basis.

On the second floor we have a small room for hire that is ideal for one to one therapies.